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STERLING Process and Procedures

How We Work

STERLING Process and Philosophy

STERLING's business philosophy is based on a commitment at all levels of the organization to provide quality consulting services and to create value for our clients.

STERLING continually looks for and promotes tactical approaches to solving environmental problems.

We treat our clients as business partners.

Sterling's approach to addressing complex environmental issues and projects is to strategically manage and tactically control the permitting and/or regulatory approval process.

Careful management of the permit review and approval process is key to our success in obtaining permits for our clients.

Sterling's staff prides themselves on being true advocates for clients.

We work diligently to represent the client’s best interests before regulators, municipalities, investors and the public.

Sterling is committed to creating the greatest value for our clients.

Our professionals provide quality consulting/engineering services and, because of our size and business philosophy, we look for and are able to suggest and implement innovative solutions and strategies to addressing environmental challenges.

At times, Sterling may form partnerships with clients, resulting in unique methods of delivering services.

Sterling recognizes that waste materials often have potential as marketable commodities or can be utilized beneficially.

Sterling often develops solid waste management solutions that create significant value for its clients, while minimizing the long-term liability.

Sterling has successfully identified beneficial construction applications for a wide variety of waste materials, resulting in the clients being compensated for the use of the material rather than paying for its management or disposal.

Sterling has also developed landfill construction, operational and closure programs that utilize solid waste as cover materials, therefore avoiding the need to purchase earth materials at prevailing market prices.

Water Resources and Quality

STERLING's success in this highly competitive field is testimony to the efficacy of applying this business philosophy to its clients and projects.

Technical Competence – STERLING’s technical competence consists of professionals in integrated disciplines including: geology, hydrogeology, environmental permitting, civil and environmental engineering and computer-aided drafting and design.  These resources benefit STERLING’s clients through our in-house ability to assemble highly competent project teams and demonstrated ability to take advantage of a multi-discipline approach to a project.  STERLING’s senior staff have experience in the public and private sectors, as well as in academia and industry.

Project Management - STERLING is unique in the field in that all project work is personally directed by the company’s principal, Mark P. Millspaugh, P.E., who has over 30 years experience in the fields of solid and hazardous waste management and environmental permitting.  Mr. Millspaugh provides the guidance needed to manage the project’s environmental and engineering needs.

STERLING has become the consultant of choice in such diverse areas as landfill design and closure, beneficial use determinations (BUDs), environmental assessments and compliance evaluations, hydrogeologic studies, litigation support and siting/remedial investigations.

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