Sterling Environmental Engineering

Natural Resources & the Environment

As the world’s population grows, the demand on earth’s limited natural resources intensifies. Energy production and use, as well as the manufacturing and use of products driven by economic prosperity, significantly impacts the sources of raw materials and earth’s environment.

The Environmental Science & Engineering Link

Through environmentally sensitive strategic planning that employs sound science and engineering, Sterling aims to assist private and public entities in ways that reduce the impacts of their actions on the environment while successfully reaching their economic and project goals, thus supporting the fundamental concept of "cradle-to-cradle" while conserving and managing energy efficiently.

Our Clients and Partners

Our clients include regional governments, municipalities, public benefit authorities, businesses, individuals, non-profit corporations and associations that often need to design and manage projects to minimize or mitigate impacts on the environment or human health to successfully meet their goals.

Our Process and Philosophy

Sterling works as a value-added team-member to assist our clients in completing their projects in an environmentally sound manner, on time, and within budget.